7″ smallHD 703 Bolt Monitor w/ Built-in Wireless Teradek Receiver


The smallHD 703 Bolt is an ultra-bright, 7″ monitor with a built-in Teradek receiver, rubberized grip handles, and a neck strap. It comes with an Anton Bauer battery plate, and we include several 90-watt batteries in our package. It’s perfect for a director on the go who needs daylight visibility, and it can also do split-screen! The 703 is one of our most popular monitors, and pairs perfectly with the wireless, on-board Cine 7 500 TX.

Every PJ Monitor Kit includes the monitor, any applicable cables, a mount, and a custom case.

Batteries: (3) Anton Bauer Digital 90s
Battery Chargers: 1 – Anton Bauer Dual Charger
D-Tap Power Cable: Optional
Weight w/o Batteries: 4.8 lbs
Weight w/ Batteries:​ Varies