How Do I Rent Camera Equipment?

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Feel free to contact us for rental information, equipment questions, and to check availability and pricing.

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Step One: Find the Equipment You Want

This step is the most fun. Check out the Menu Headings above for a listing of all of our gear. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We are always getting in new gear and we will also work to source whatever you need whenever possible.

Once you have a list of what you need, send us an email or give us a call. Everyone who works at Production Junction is a freelancer and we are all interested in talking about gear.

Step Two: Pricing

Prices are listed in terms of Daily and Weekly Rates, defined below. Once we have your full gear list, we can put together a quote for you and go from there.

One-Day Rate:

Pick up in the afternoon at 2 PM or later, use the gear all the next day, and return the following morning by 11 AM.

Weekend Rate:

Production Junction is not open on weekends, so we provide a 1-day rate for weekend rentals: Pick-up on Friday at 2 PM, shoot all weekend, and return Monday morning by 11 AM.

Weekly Rate:

Any rental period between 3 and 7 days will only be priced at a 3-day rate. So you could shoot from a Monday to the next Monday, and only pay for 3 days!

Monthly and Long Term Rates:

For long term rentals, please get in touch for a custom quote. Depending on length of production and the actual equipment, we can work with you to fit everything into your budget.

Step Three: Paperwork

An exciting combination of “work” and “paper”. But we need it just the same. To book your rental, we will need a Credit Card submitted, along with Rented Equipment Insurance (if being used).

The good news? We only need this once! Sign to keep your information on file and you will be completely ready to go for your next rental.

Production Junction Production Client Information Form

More Info: Deposit and Insurance

Step Four: Gear Prep and Pick Up

You gear is booked! The day before pick-up, our Rental Tech will call you or a member of your camera team to go through the list and talk through any questions.

We highly recommend a Camera Checkout during pick up. This gives you the opportunity to test everything in a calm environment before the actual shoot. It also gives our Rental Techs a chance to answer any questions and work with a member of your team.

We have a Camera Bar, Lens Check Station, and our Client Room all available for checkouts.

Step Five: Shoot Day

Your camera team is setting up and everything is going great. But plans change and sometimes you need additional gear. We can Rush Prep a quick package for your PA to pick up or we can Deliver it to your set.

If you are having an issue with any gear on set, please call us right away. In most cases, a phone call with one of our Rental Techs will solve it. If this is not the case, we will Fly In replacement gear.

Our Rental Support doesn’t end when you pick up the gear. So lean on us during your production and we will help in any way that we can.

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