Families that sync together pair together

(The full family in a row)

Aputure has come a long way since the first generation of their Light Storm series of lights.  The very commonly used Bowens mount as well as battery options for a majority of the product line means you can’t go wrong with taking any of these products on your shoot. For instance: 

  • The 600d works great for battling windows so you can capture that Iconic NYC skyline.
  • The 300d can give that sharp detail on your background that you want to emphasize
  • The 120d is a powerful tool for filling in the shadows of your subject.
  • Meanwhile the 60x is light enough and with its built in lens, direct enough to light and separate your subject from the background.
  • Run and gun? No problem! The MC is a convenient on camera light that is charged via USB C and has RGB capabilities.

The cherry on top of the capabilities of these lights? each of these lights offer some form of remote setup, whether its with the included remote control or in the case of all of the lights excluding the 120dII, they can all be controlled via the Sidus link app provided by Aputure.

(Pictured here are the 60x and the MC both being controlled via Ipad)

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