Sony’s FX3

(FX3 on a handheld rig)

The FX3 is the smallest in our Sony FX lineup but continues to be one of our most popular cameras. The FX3’s size makes it great for flying on a gimbal. This camera is perfect for a small crew, getting quick run-and-gun shots while maintaining the image quality of an FX6. 

This camera is perfect for traveling light. Sony’s advanced stabilizing software could potentially eliminate the need for a gimbal, especially when paired with a stabilizing lens. 

Director/Editor Jon Ryan Sugimoto has shot many projects in various locations around New York City using the FX3, including his viral TikTok sketches that display a cinematic look. When asked why he continuously chooses the FX3, Jon says it is because “the FX3 is for scrappy filmmakers. I like moving fast, and not needing to spend time communicating with a big crew. I can shoot this on my own and get that one shot with one person. I don’t have to worry about a tripod, the angle, and focus. I can get twice as many shots, faster.” 

Sugimoto highlights the FX3 is a perfect camera for filmmakers who are stubborn about switching from a DSLR/mirrorless style camera to a cinema camera, given its similarities to the Sony A7S III. The FX3 offers an easy transition while adding premium features like the S-Cinetone color profile at a great price point. 

When it comes to the FX3, experience a newfound freedom with fewer limits on what, how, and where you can shoot excellent footage. Try renting it out for your next shoot and you will see where fewer camera restrictions can take you creatively. 

FX3 camera body

Director/Editor Jon Ryan Sugimoto