17″ smallHD 1703 P3X Monitor w/ Built-in Wireless Teradek Receiver


Want to make your AC happy? How about renting an all-in-one, color-accurate 17″ monitor with a built-in Teradek wireless receiver? Save a ton of setup time for your client monitor, video village, or director’s monitor by using the 1703 P3X Sidekick Bolt. If you want the same level of convenience for your on-camera monitor, check out the Cine 7 500 TX!

Our package includes the monitor, applicable cables, an Anton Bauer battery plate, and a rolling stand.

Batteries: Anton Bauer Gold Mount (Not included)
Battery Chargers: Anton Bauer (Not Included)
D-Tap Power Cable: No
Weight w/o Battery: 12.2 lbs
Weight w/ Battery:​ 14.6 lbs