7″ smallHD Cine 7 Monitor w/ Built-in Wireless Teradek Transmitter


Take your AC monitor game to the next level with the Cine 7 500 TX monitor. A touch-screen, 7″ monitor with all the usual AC tools, it also includes a built-in Teradek 500 transmitter. Plus, it comes with the ability to control ARRI cameras – Sony, Canon and RED control to come!

The Cine 7 500 TX is much easier to handle than a monitor and Teradek combo build, and is perfect for pairing with a video village or director’s monitor – say, for instance, the 1703 P3X Bolt Sidekick Monitor!

Every PJ Monitor Kit includes monitor, any applicable cables, a mount, and a custom case.

Batteries: Sony L Series
Battery Chargers: 1 – Sony Battery Charger
D-Tap Power Cable: Yes
Weight w/o Batteries: 1.3 lbs
Weight w/ Batteries:​ 2 lbs