Sony’s Cinema Line Review

(FX9, FX6, FX3)

Production Junction is excited to offer our clients Sony’s Cinema Line of full-frame cameras: The FX3, FX6, and FX9. Sony’s Cinema Line is one of the top choices for modern filmmakers working on documentary, corporate, commercial, and broadcasting sets. With Sony’s unbeatable autofocus technology and compact design, these cameras are a top choice for run and gun shoots with varying locations.

The Sony FX3, FX6, and FX9 can be used in coordination, allowing you to prepare for any situation during a shoot. Are you shooting in low light in a small space? Grab the FX3; its large pixels, 5k censor, and full frame create clean images with little or no extra lighting needed. Do you need to switch to a shoulder rig? Take out the FX6, relieving weight from your shoulders while matching the rest of your footage. If you need a larger 6k sensor or longer battery life, grab the FX9.

You can seamlessly match your footage in post-production between cameras, making for a happy editor. What is the saying, happy editor, happy life?

Unlock a new sense of freedom with what you can shoot while maintaining exceptional quality by renting the FX3, FX6, or FX9 from Production Junction for your next production.

This week we will be releasing new blog posts going over each camera. Learn about each camera’s strengths, when it is best to shoot with which camera and hear testimonials from filmmakers on their experiences.