PJ Wireless Video Setups

When choosing a monitor for your focus puller, director, or client, you have many things to consider: screen size, weight, brightness, power, etc…But if you had to choose between wired and wireless, it should be a no-brainer.

At Production Junction, we’ve been beefing up our wireless video department. We now have the following gear ready to be rented for your shoot:

  • Teradek Bolt Pro 1000 – a wireless transmitter and receiver combo that can turn almost any video setup from wired to wireless
  • smallHD Cine 7 500 TX – a touch-screen, 7-inch monitor for your cam op or AC. It has a built-in Teradek 500 Transmitter and cinema camera control!
  • smallHD 703 Bolt – an ultra-bright, 7″ monitor with a built-in Teradek receiver, rubberized grip handles, and a neck strap.
  • smallHD 1703 P3X Sidekick – a 17″ monitor with rubberized corners, a built-in Teradek receiver, and an optional Anton Bauer battery plate.

Teradek lists their devices’ ranges based on “line of sight.” While line of sight isn’t always possible in Manhattan, we tested some Teradeks ourselves, and were able to transmit video down the streets and even through some walls.

We’d be glad to help you find the best setup for your production. For a full list of our wireless video gear, head over to this page.