Shooting from Remote – In Action

Hi, everyone – Marc here, working from home. I’m excited to show you a screen-cap from a remote shoot Andy, Dave and I helped out on this week. With everyone self-isolating due to Covid-19, it’s a challenge to work on shoots, but with the right gear, support, and patient talent, the job can get done.

The main image you’re seeing is a direct, live feed from a Sony A7S II camera with a Canon L Series lens being fed into a Zoom conference call. The video signal is being passed through a camera-mounted focus monitor, and audio from the talent’s wireless G3 lav mic, and ME-66 shotgun mic are also being heard by the participants of the Zoom call. All of the equipment (including a lot more gear I didn’t go into), were delivered for free, and Andy and I jumped on the conference call to support the (also remote) crew and talent as they got everything into position.

As you can tell, the final product will be a clean and cinematic look that will impress your clients and make them wonder how you pulled it off. For an example of a lighting, audio, and camera package that we recommend for remote shooting, take a look at this page.

Reach out to us if you have more questions or are interested in seeing a quote!