Holiday Hardware at PJ (New Gear!)

We finished our holiday shopping.

Our EasyRig family got a little bit bigger this season, as we added a STABIL arm for some extra suspension. Think of the “Serene arm,” but more compact. We also now carry the Flex Vest, which is built with female operators in mind.

Since everyone loved the Sony 24-70mm G Master lens, we went ahead and purchased the 16-35mm version. Like its big brother, it’s an E-mount lens that is great for snappy auto features on Sony A7 cameras, and perfect for use on a gimbal like the Ronin-S.

By the way, we still have our Aputures and recently snagged the 270-degree “lantern” softbox for them. So give us a call if you need the LightStorm C120d Mark II, C300d Mark II, and a ton of accessories.

We now carry drop-in diopters from Lindsey Optics! These are combinations of diopter glass (+1/4, +1/2, +1, +2, or +3) and a built-in tray to fit nearly every 4×5.65″ mattebox. Great for that dreamy, “close-up” look you’re always going on about.

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