Drop-In Diopters (Close-Up Filters)

Using diopters is a great way to get a dreamy, “macro” look with any lens. Lindsey Optics has solved the most annoying parts of using diopters with their Tray-Mount Close-Up (Diopter) Filters. Rather than having to mount diopter glass into special diopter trays, and then insert those into your matte box, these are combinations of diopter glass and built-in trays. This also means that when you want to change to a different diopter strength, it’s as simple as swapping any matte box filter.

Lindsey also managed to make it so that the +1/4, +1/2, and +1 strength diopter trays only take up one slot on your 4×5.65″ matte box. The +2 takes up two slots, and the +3 takes up 3 slots. Thankfully, our 3-stage, Bright Tangerine “Misfit” matte box can hold those without issue.