Angenieux Just Made Your Life EZ-er

The new Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 lightweight Cine Zoom Lenses are now at PJ!

Noah shows how light the EZ lenses are
Don't do this, please
Noah changes the rear elements of the EZ-1
Rear elements to change the lens from S35 to Full Frame
The EZ-2 with Full Frame rear element installed

At a 2.0 and less than 5 lbs each, the 15-40 and 30-90 lenses are a great pair for any shoot.Each lens is available in PL or EF Mount.

When you want to cover a Full-Frame Sensor, these lenses can be adapted to a larger focal length at a speed of 3.0. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • EZ-1:
    • 30-90mm (T2.0) w/ Super 35 Coverage
    • 45-135mm (T3.0) w/ Full Frame Coverage
  • EZ-2:
    • 15-40mm (T2.0) w/ Super 35 Coverage
    • 22-60mm (T3.0) w/ Full Frame Coverage

Rent (1) lens for $250/day or the set of (2) for $450/day.

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