NEW @ PJ: Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

The Zoom H6 is the next generation of the popular Zoom H4N model. It features (4) XLR inputs each with their own external volume knob. While we will never forget the 8-bit NES-style LCD monitor of the H4N, the new color LCD screen is sharper and allows you to monitor up to (6) different tracks of audio at once.

The H6 offers the ability to perform minor edits to recorded tracks as well as mix them down to a WAV or MP3 file ready to export. This recorder also boasts a variety of functions with an accessible interface to make capturing sound easy.


– Interchangeable XY and MS top microphones

– Color LCD with level readings for each input

– Ability to link inputs and record either a mono or stereo track

– Perform edits to recorded tracks: Level adjustments, Pitch changes, trimming clips, over dubbing.

– Mix down recorded tracks into a stereo file as either a WAV or MP3.

– Normalize a recorded track before handing over the footage to your client or editor

– (4) individual XLR inputs, each with their own independent gain knob

Rent the Zoom H6 Audio Recorder.