PJ ON SET: Green Screen shoot at Bravo Studios

Dave, Neil, Govinda, Dave SK, and Miguel were shooting in the Green Screen stage of Bravo Studios last week. By the end of the day, we had everything 650w and over playing somewhere and the AC blasting whenever possible. We shot on the Red Scarlet Camera using the Cooke Mini S4 Lenses to capture a really sharp key for the editor.

The Paralinx Wireless Monitor System gave the director a handheld monitor at all times without the need for any cable wrangling. The Paralinx held the signal well – the only issue we ran into was that we needed to be diligent about battery swaps between the Paralinx Transmitter on the camera and the receivers located on the handheld monitor as well as the semi-stationary 17″ TV Logic monitor. Once one battery goes out, the system needs to reconnect, so you need to be ahead of the game during down times.