We Have the Sony FX9 and the Photos to Prove It

The Sony PXW-FX9 is a huge step up from the FS7

With a dual base ISO (800/4000), a full-frame 6K sensor, and 1080p proxy recording, the FX9 seems as if Sony spliced DNA from the FS7 and Venice cameras…and then gave it the weight and autofocus of a DSLR. More features will be added with later firmware updates (4K DCI, 120 fps 4K RAW output), and through the as-yet-unreleased XDCA extension unit.

All of these new features are in a camera body that is the exact same weight of the FS7 – 4.4 lbs. With that, the variable ND system, low-light mode, and fast hybrid autofocus, the FX9 is an extraordinarily convenient solution for your next shoot.

Our kit is ready for rental right now! We’ll include (4) 128gb media cards, (1) BPU-90 and (2) BPU-60 batteries, an EF lens mount adapter, and more.

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