Autumn Acquisitions at PJ (New Gear!)

We went back-to-school shopping!

We had so much fun with our Aputure LS C120d Mark II LEDs that we had to go and get its big brother. The C300d Mark II is 20% brighter than the Mark I (equivalent almost to a 575-watt HMI), has a quieter control box, is easier to set up, and is more durable.

Of course, we also wanted to upgrade our Aputure accessory game, so we now have the Light Dome II, Light Dome Mini II, Fresnel 2X lens, and the Spotlight Mount w/ 26º lens and Iris. You can really control the heck out of your light, and you can do it more easily than ever.

Also, we got Hollywood Black Magic filters for 4×5 matteboxes.. That’s not as exciting as the other stuff, but I thought you should know.

How about sound recording? We just picked up the all-new, adorable yet formidable Zoom F6 Field Recorder. It can record in 32-bit float format, which means no more worrying about digital clipping on a shoot.

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