Vegas: Based on a True Story is Available

After being locked in a vault for the past 8 years, Vegas: Based on a True Story is available to stream online.
PJ’s own, Chris Edwards, lensed the film over a 6 month period on the edge of Death Valley. This film is indie filmmaking at its best (and sometimes worst). Chris and his crew worked every department, starting by renovating the main house before shooting began. The crew was small and they lived in trailers; working electricity and hot water meant it was a good day. I visited set for two days and can attest that a level of Stockholm Syndrome had set in.
All of the madness ultimately paid off when Chris landed in Italy for the film’s premiere in the main competition of the Venice Film Festival. Vegas was nominated for a Signis Award and a Golden Lion. The film spent the next year touring the world at over 35 Film Festivals, including the Tribeca Film Festival, where it was nominated for a Jury Award.
If you missed it at the Festivals, you can – and should – check it out on Vimeo or Amazon.