PJ on SET: Arri Amira Camera

We just wrapped a week long shoot with the Arri Amira Camera and I had a great time operating it. The camera boots up quickly, audio is simple and straightforward, and recording to Arri Log C really protects your footage. We shot some test footage before the shoot and Ed, our editor, created a Look Up Table (LUT) which we uploaded into the camera for reference throughout the shoot. The Amira allows you to choose either Log or your LUT for each of the following sources: CFast 2.0 Media card, the camera LCD, camera EVF, and the SDI output. That way you can record in Log, but show your client (and yourself) a close representation of what the image will actually look like after color correction. Two of our shoot days had only a few interviews and we chose to bring a smaller crew and run the audio ourselves. The Amira has (4) audio channels, so this allowed us to run a split level signal (using an XLR splitter) of our Lectrosonics 411 Wireless Lav mic and another split channel to our boom mic overhead. All in all, it was a really enjoyable shoot and I am looking forward to shooting with the Arri Amira as much as possible in 2015.