GEAR AT PJ: Paralinx Crossbow

Production Junction recently added the Paralinx Crossbow for our Paralinx Wireless kits to our inventory.

The Crossbow allows you to send an SDI signal into the transmitter, which is great for SDI only cameras like the Arri Alexa, Arri Amira, and Black Magic Cinema Camera. The Crossbow is powered by either a P-tap connection or a 4-pin Lemo and it will power the Paralinx Transmitter. You still receive an HDMI signal out of your Paralinx Receiver.

We’re also excited to use it with our Red Epic package since we typically use the +1 module to run both the LCD Touch and EVF Bomb at the same time, which leaves only the SDI out available for monitor signal.

If you need the Crossbow, we’ll add it free to our Paralinx Wireless Kit rental for your shoot.